The Fund Manager

New Haven Mortgage Corporation (NHMC) is the exclusive Mortgage Broker and Banker of New Haven Mortgage Income Fund (1) Inc. (NHMIF (1) Inc.). NHMC is licensed by the Financial Services Commission of Ontario (F.S.C.O.) as a Mortgage Brokerage, License No. 10588, and as a Mortgage Administrator, License No. 11284. We carry mandatory errors and omissions and employee fraud insurance.
NHMC is the exclusive mortgage loan originator, underwriter, adjudicator and loan administrator for NHMIF (1) Inc. New Haven Treasury Management Inc. provides the fund with management and advisory services.

New Haven Mortgage Corporation has the following departments:

  • Loan Origination
  • Underwriting and Adjudication
  • Deal Processing
  • Accounting and Mortgage Loan Servicing
  • Appraisal Co-ordination & Renewal
  • Mortgage Collections & Recovery
  • Mortgage Retention

Management’s Competence:

The success of the fund depends on a critical degree of experience, expertise, judgment and good faith of the managers and their independent audit & advisory committee.

  1. Experienced Senior Management Team
    • Managers & key personnel have vast experience and expertise in the mortgage industry for three decades
  2. Disciplined and Stringent Underwriting
    • Strict evaluation of all loan proposals which include mandatory loan diversification of jurisdictions, New Haven approved appraisers only, adjusted loan to value ratio’s, and very strict enforcement proceeding. While we underwrite each and every loan using most of the same institutional criteria, it is our flexibility, creativity, and “gut” lending that benefits our shareholders with risk adjusted returns.
  3. Institutional Caliber Management Team and Procedures
    • We manage mortgage investments of large public companies, non-Bank Lenders and Regulated Financial Institutions.
  4. Our policies & procedures, corporate governance, integrity, good standing, and track record speak for themselves and have stood the test of time.
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