It is management’s belief that far too many investment opportunities do not provide “above and beyond” transparency to their shareholders.

Investors’ capital is “hard earned” money and deserves constant monitoring.  We believe it is imperative for you, the investor, to take an active role in monitoring your investments even in a managed fund.

Before getting started, if the investment class you are contemplating is sold by an offering memorandum, as is the case with a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC), shares must be purchased through, and with the advice, of an exempt market dealer (EMD).  The EMD should be registered and approved by the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) in Ontario.

An EMD will determine as to whether you are a qualified candidate based on, but not limited to, your financial net worth, financial assets, income, or minimum investment. Then it must be determined if the investment is actually suitable for you.

  1. You should understand the nature of the investment, its potential, and also its inherent risks.
  2. You should be aware of any possible or potential conflicts of interest and relationship disclosures.
  3. You should be given the opportunity to ask plenty of questions before and after reviewing the Offering Memorandum, (OM), and other literature.
  4. You should be assisted by a primary contact at the firm’s head office in the event that you have any questions or concerns.
  5. You should be receiving concise and easy to understand statements along with your dividend check.
  6. You should be entitled to annual audited financial statements by a reputable CA firm.
  7. You should be receiving ongoing data on investments in your investment portfolio.


Best interests of our shareholders

In our efforts to ensure the best interests of our shareholders, we are pleased to advise that we have appointed the Chartered Accounting firm of KPMG LLP to perform the fund’s annual audit.  KPMG is known as one of the “big four”, as they are one of the top four largest accounting firms in the world.


Management believes that transparency is of great importance.

This is why management believes that investors should have audited financial statements prepared by a reputable accounting firm.  This level of audit status is reviewed with the absolute highest standards and assurance that can be provided in the accounting profession. See our Financial Reporting section for more details.

You will be provided upon request with your own personal login and password to access the fund’s inventory of loans. Here you will find a complete loan inventory including:

  1. Colour photo of each property
  2. Borrower’s name
  3. Property location
  4. Property type
  5. Rate of mortgage
  6. Loan amount
  7. Loan to value ratio (LTV)
  8. Fund’s yield rate
  9. Maturity date
  10. Discharge date

Invitation to attend
We encourage our shareholders, by appointment only, to attend our offices either before or during their investment tenure, meet the staff and “sample” any one or more original files that make up and form part of the listed loan inventory.  Each file will include: the borrower’s credit application and profile, employment status, original appraisal including property comparables and multiple photos, a copy of the registered mortgage, the lawyer’s reporting letter and any required disclosure documentation, plus other due-diligence information.  We believe we are providing our shareholders with the highest level of transparency and disclosure in the mortgage and investment industry.

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